When's the last time you felt

pure joy?

What Does It Look Like to Thrive?

You can't "have it all." Or can you?

You are successful and mostly happy. But maybe you wonder where your passion has gone.  What happened to that enthusiastic kid who seized every opportunity and dreamed big dreams?

You're still in there but something is dulling your shine.

You may feel unappreciated, tired, or even used. You may resent your clients, withdraw from your colleagues, and lose focus. You work longer hours while producing less.

Anxiety, depression, relationship problems, alcoholism, substance abuse, and even suicide can start with professional burnout. For employers, burnout shows up in employee disengagement, turnover, loss of institutional knowledge, low productivity, mistakes, poor morale, lost clients and a damaged reputation.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. How do we maximize the impact of our working time so we can live with purpose and joy, every day?

You CAN have it all. You can reclaim your joy, take pride in your professional accomplishments AND make your dreams come true. It's not too late to reclaim your happiness without giving up your success. 

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What does it look like to thrive?

You wake up energized and positive. You savor special moments: a beautiful sunrise; the feeling of a great workout; a delicious breakfast; connecting with your children; a shared glance over coffee.

You settle into work centered, focused, and ready to tackle the day. You have mastered the art of eliminating distractions. You are proud of your work and its impact. Your professional life is rewarding, challenging, and brings you joy.

Your life is full of new skills, hobbies and travel. You spend time with your family, contribute to your community and always expand your horizons. You are motivated by purpose in what you do and feel a sense of accomplishment every day.

People are attracted to your joyous presence, and it rubs off on others. One person at a time, your environment changes. Burnout and stress are replaced by camaraderie and a sense of common purpose. This is what thriving looks like. It starts with one small step and goes from there. It starts with YOU.

How Do I Get There?

So What's the Plan?

The plan depends on you. Living a big and beautiful life takes thought, work and commitment.

Change is hard. It takes a willingness to try new things and give up old thought patterns and habits. You will slip up, reset and keep going forward, and we will be with you all the way. Sometimes you'll be full of doubts and sometimes on top of the world. There will be fears to overcome and joy to embrace. Your life will expand, grow, and be amazed at what you have accomplished.

At Michelle Niemeyer Wellness we meet you where you are now and find a path that aligns with your goals and dreams. Your first step got you to this website. You've already started!

Let's Explore What's Next Together

 It’s nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm Michelle. My own journey from lawyer burnout and back inspired Michelle Niemeyer Wellness.

Our programs will help you gain clarity and focus while generating sustainable energy and bringing your time management skills to the next level. You will apply lessons drawn from positive psychology and neuro linguistic programming. In the end, it is my goal to help you rediscover joy in each day and love your work again.

Together we will discover ways to have the most impact in moving you forward, and you will discover the tools that work best for your changes to last.

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"I doubled my business and found my joy again through The Art of Bending Time" -- Rick Van Der Vyver

As a busy entrepreneur with a growing family, I was feeling the overwhelm of it all and didn't even realize how it was affecting my productivity and my joy. I have done a lot of personal development work, but The Art of Bending Time helped me get clear and build solid habits, get strong, and create a rock solid plan to make my dreams come true in ways that were tangible and actionable. Every week gave me a new discovery and I am on track in ways I never imagined. The experience has been life-changing!



You don't have the time NOT to learn

The Art of Bending Time!



It's so easy to put ourselves last. We take that not-so-urgent call. We read so many pointless emails. We serve on that committee because we feel obligated, drive that carpool more than our share or pick up the slack for our team. 

How can we assure we will keep performing at a high level for the long run? Do you check in with yourself and stay on track with your health and happiness? When was the last time you missed lunch, skipped your workout for a conference call or missed your kid's game because of a deadline? When was the last time you had fun?

To be at our best, we need  clarity, strong and healthy routines, and solid goals. We need to always be growing and learning. We need connections and challenges and accomplishments. This integrated course and coaching program will teach you to bend time so you can squeeze all the juice out of each of the hours in your days.

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Are you a lawyer looking to thrive?

Michelle learned the hard way that burnout can sneak up on you and once you're there, it's really hard to find your way back. Don't let that happen to you! Your career is a blessing that can be part of an amazing life! Our Lawyers Thrive and Be Alive mini-course will give you valuable tools to love your lawyer life without giving up on your dreams and if you are already in the burnout zone, to help you reclaim your joy again.

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Our exclusive one-on-one coaching is designed to help you make monumental progress in the aspects of your life you consider most important, but it's not for everyone. Click here to sign up for an exploratory one-on-one coaching session. In that introductory session, we can see if you are ready for coaching, and if we are the right fit for you before you make the investment in a full program.

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