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Michelle Niemeyer Wellness was born from a severe case of lawyer burnout. After more than 20 years of law practice litigation attorney Michelle Niemeyer found herself overweight, unhappy, and unmotivated.

Her quest to recover the ambitious and motivated young lawyer who entered the workforce with positive intentions and a love for the law led to weight loss, physical fitness, and more importantly a keen awareness of tools to maintain focus, address stress and live a more well rounded and healthier life. She learned to thrive!

Along the way, Michelle earned her certification as a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. Her exploration of motivation, wellness, stress management, neuro linguistic programming and positive psychology continues to this day.

At a time when busy professionals like lawyers face high rates of alcoholism, substance abuse, anxiety and depression as well a high rates of divorce and attrition from the profession, learning how to thrive is a win for the firm, its clients, attorneys, and the people closest to them. 

Michelle's mission is to help other busy professionals identify ways to improve their lifestyles, enhancing productivity and happiness while improving their health and quality of life. 


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