Move Your Body!

movement May 06, 2020

Consider the pure, unadulterated joy of a dog running across a field or on the beach, of a child running in circles or pretending to fly or climbing to the top of something. Think about your own life. As a child did you love to run and play? Were you in sports in school? Did you run or play basketball or take dance or yoga classes? Do you still do those things now?

We have a lot of demands on our time as lawyers, and for some, it is not uncommon to stop taking the time for things we consider fun so we can do things for our clients, our families, and our friends. For others, exercise is a chore that is easy to push to the bottom of the priority list. For all of us, it is a NECESSARY and REALLY BENEFICIAL habit that can change our lives.

Focus. Energy. A better mood. More restorative sleep. An improved metabolism. A stronger cardiovascular system. And that's just the internal physical stuff! 

All you need to do is set aside about a half hour a day. Make sure you work strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning. A balance of all three will give you peak performance and protect you from injuries.  Explore your options and do something that makes you happy! We only live once, and if walking on a machine like a gerbil on a wheel isn't fun for you, find something that makes you smile and keeps you coming back. There are so many options: group classes at the gym, running, Ironman or marathon training, obstacle races, boot camps, yoga, dance, boxing, swimming, tennis, golf, weightlifting, and pilates are just a few. You can even do a wide variety of online programs for free or at a low cost without even leaving your house. If you are trying something new, consider a trainer or taking classes as you learn to use proper form. What's important is that you move your body every day.

Be kind to yourself and don't overdo it. We lawyers can overachieve ourselves into some major pain, but that isn't necessary. Just move, stretch, sweat and bear some weight!

Having a goal or a competition to prepare for can make it fun and add in some motivation. So can a workout buddy if you need accountability.

Give it a try … move your body for a minimum of a half hour every day for a week. How do you feel?

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